Lizardfolk D&D 5th Edition (5E) 2020

The lizardfolk is a different animal and looks somewhat to the dragons as opposed to the humans. They have their own set of rules and principles that they follow strictly. Thinking and their needs are very different and it is they have laid down. When you speak about their character, they are quite faithful to their race and bestow everything on them. Their appearance is unusual of the attributes and it is a bit hard to understand them.

Just a fool looks at the lizardfolk and sees nothing more. Then they do with people, dwarves, or elves their physical shape notwithstanding, lizardfolk have more in common with dragons or iguanas. Lizardfolk possess an alien and inscrutable mindset, thoughts and their needs driven by a set of principles that are fundamental than those of warm-blooded creatures.

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Hundreds of kilometres might lie but the gap between the smooth-skins and their way of thinking is much greater. Despite their alien outlook, some lizardfolk in their own manner, befriend people of different races and, make a bid to comprehend. Lizardfolk make skilled and faithful allies.

Lizardfolk were semi-aquati] reptilian humanoids. Their skin varied in colour from dark green through to colours of brown and grey and was covered in scales. Lizardfolk had non-prehensile muscle tails which grew to three or four feet in length, and these were used for balance.

D&D Lizardfolk Traits

D&D Lizardfolk 5th Edition
Speed: The walking speed of almost any lizardfolk is only 30 feet which are similar to the other animals and also the swimming speed.

Starving Jaws: If there was a conflict you can throw yourself in the vicious feeding frenzy. So with your bite, you’ll be able to find a special attack as a bonus activity. It will deal with its regular damage while the assault hits, as a result, you can get the temporary hit points equal to your own constitution modifier(Minimum one). Until you complete a brief or long break you have no opportunity to utilize this trait.

Once you use this weapon to strike you can deal with piercing damage that’s equivalent to the 1d6 + your strength modifier and of the damage is normal into the strike that is unarmed.

Their coloured appearance adds to their body and that is why they look somewhat heavier in size. But your size is moderate.

Cunning Artisan: Being part of the short rest, the participant has the capacity to harvest bone and conceal from the build, slain monster, monstrosity, dragon or the plant monster of size either small or larger to make some items such as a club, a shield, a javelin, or blowgun needles or 1d4 darts. But if you want to use this attribute you have to use a blade like proper artisan’s tools, a dagger like the tools of leatherworker.

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Ability score Boost: The wisdom score goes up by 1 and the constitution score rises by double that means two.

At the point, your AC is equivalent to 13+ your modifier. You can recognise your AC by using the armor whenever if the armor which you wear will leave you. While you’re currently using your armour then the benefits of a shield apply like ordinary.

Hold Breath: You can prevent or hold your breath up to 15 minutes continuously.

Alignment: Lizardfolds are impartial and form life and death are just as any other natural process. Survival for them is your biggest advantage and their attention is about the same.

Age: They do not endure for quite a while and may live up to only 14 or even 16 that is the maturity around age. When there are a few who like a longer period of life and this may go up to 60.

Language: They master anything they hear and this is why they easily get command over anything. Though names frequently tend to confuse them that the description permits them to understand this and everything is the way the things are treated by them.

That means you are able to use Draconic and Shared to talk, read and write. Active verbs are commonly used by them as it is easy to use and understand the things.

Lizardfolk Statistics

Size:  Medium
Type: Humanoid
Tag’s: Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk General Info

Vision: Darkvision
Average Lifespan: Up to 80 years
Homeland’s: Chessenta, Chondalwood, Chult, Lake of Steam, Nelanther Isles, Vilhon Reach, Western Heartlands
Language’s: Draconic, Common
Subraces: Lizard King, Blackscale Poison Dusk

Lizardfolk Appearance

Average Height: 6′ – 7′ (1.8–2.1 m)
Average Weight:  200–250 lbs. (90.7–113 kg)
Skin Color:  Green, black, grey, brown,

Tribal structure of the lizardfolk

Apart from the leader, there was another tribe known as the shamans whose main work was always available for any kind of suggestion or advice to the leader and was to worship. Tribal structure of the lizardfolk The society of the lizardfolk had their leader who was not only powerful but also the decision maker.

Each of the choices for society has been taken by the leader. Anyone in the tribe has been responsible to turn into a pioneer who understood how to work overall for the tribe and the society and had good leadership qualities. Till then the tribe would be unorganised and A new leader could be chosen at any moment and messed up with everything.

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Every boss could have two other assistants who would render the whole help the leader desired in the tasks. Skilled warriors were a part of this job as they were capable enough to manage the social and operate it. Each lizardfolk is a member of a tribe with each having around 150 lizardfolk within it. The tribe contains 50 female lizardfolk, 50 men and 50 kids. A possibility is that the tribe may have 30-60 adults as well along with their children also.

Activities of Lizardfolk

The lizardfolk have yet to be involved in any type of action that could give food to them so that the only way out was to go for fishing gear. They sneak it and also would search for food. There were really where their food came out, and this is. They match their desire for food and would steal from the neighbours.

The tribe has been involved in pursuits that were similar and would receive food with no means for the children as well as the females. They consume until it has completed and done and would collect a lot of food they’d begin hunting. The lizardfolk intended to go out they’d do it in groups combat and it had been simple for them to handle any situation.

It’s due to the very simple reason that they had of being calmed by the world’s folks, the fear and that’s the reason why they would be followed by two or even three of these for security functions. It would be simple for them to return home. This is how acquire awareness, they were able to endure and get food. There were few who’d go out and search for things although the lizardfolk steal around their place and would search. With anything they day but couple seemed for large The majority of them were maintained. They would find the understanding of the world and a good deal of food as what would be the ways and what individuals do to endure. The world was brand new for them and this could fascinate them to learn more.


The D&D 5e Lizardfolk had a civilization which everybody followed in their tribe. There were rules and regulations as how the males and females should behave, be followed. Males would go out to hunt females and food would sit back. Likewise, when anybody would die in the tribe they would not leave it anywhere but consume themselves. This was how they guarantee the member was always with them and would protect the body. They also would not allow any other non-member of the tribe to consume the same. All the tribes and This Is the Way they kept up with their civilization and went with it strictly followed closely this tendency

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