Kenku D&D 5th Edition [5E]

Introduction To Kenku 5e

The dream games have emerged among the sources of fun and amusement. Its characters are exceptional and give you an experience that is incredible. These role-playing games are nice and you’ll see them interesting with lots of characters.

The web is saturated with dream game titles that were such which you would adore. Among the most well-known of all is kenku. You would be knowledgeable about kenku, Should you play with the fantasy games.

Kenku 5e

A powerful thing was served by the kenku. Some think they were minions of Grazz’t, but some state they had been explorers and scouts. No matter the fact, according to legend, their master was betrayed by the kenku. Not able to withstand the lure of an amazing treasure, escape into the Material Plane and the kenku plotted to steal the merchandise.


For the Kenku, their strategy was found by their master before they can enact it. The thing imposed three curses. To begin with, the beloved wings of the Kenku 5E dropped from their bodies, leaving them jumped into the ground and withered.

Traits Kenku 5e

Because ability and their creativity needed to be turned toward scheming from their patron, the spark of imagination was torn out of their spirits. To make certain the kenku could not disclose any secrets, their voices were taken by their master. The kenku were set on the Material Plane When the thing was satisfied they were adequately punished.

Ability score Boost

Your Dexterity, Intelligence, and scores rise by 1.


Kenku have shorter lifespans. They will live to 60 and reach maturity at approximately 12 years old.


Redeemed kenku are creatures, breaking, and seldom holding the legislation of the town that they reside in sacred to them. They are usually neutral in outlook.


Kenku weighs between 90 and 120 lbs and is approximately 5 feet tall.


Your foundation walking rate is 30 feet.


You’ve got a rate of 45 ft. You cannot be wearing armour to utilize this rate.


It’s possible to mimic.


You compose and can talk, read also a language of your choice, Auran, and also Shared.

Kenku Statistics

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag’s: Kenku’

Kenku General Info

  • Vision: Low-light vision
  • Flavoured Climate: Temperate
  • Favoured Terrain: Plains
  • Language’s: Auran, Common, Kenku

Kenku Appearance

Average Height: 5′ (1.5 m)
Average Weight: 75 lbs. (34 kg)
Distinctions: Talons in place of hands and feet; voice mimicry

Physical Characteristics

The kenku is similar to the crows having the height of around 5’0 to 5’6 with fat ranging from 90-110 lbs. Their beaks are big with feathers and hands.

The skin colour of the kenku varies from specie to specie some could be greyish and like some may be yellow. When it comes to their exercise level, they are weaker but more agile.

The kenku can fly only up to a specific limit. Their feature is to fly and learn to fly. Though the kenku’s do not have wings still they love to reach the structures. Another physical characteristic you will discover in the kenku is the dearth of innovation in addition to motivation. As their size is a little one like misguiding the others, it becomes easy for them to collapse anywhere they.

Kenku 5e History

They worked to the master who’d lost his memory, prior to the kenku existed in such a type. The king gave the wings to kenku they execute the services and might soar high.

However, the kenku was able to steal this king’s language in addition to the language and this is kenku’s species was created.

When the king came to learn about their deeds, their wings cut that kenku’s would beg and remain under him. Due to this reason kenku’s life span is short and every individual that is male has two sisters causing the expansion. This is the kenku’s came in to shape.

Ideal Kenku

This is all you needed to learn about kenku and the most recent kenku 5e. Using the above information you’ll certainly have to learn more about kenku and ways to utilize these to play the sport in the ideal way. These are and this is actually the reason why that compels them to indulge with no issue in any sort of action. That is exactly what provides high confidence to them.

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A set of animals that were kenku is called flock and the earliest of their members leads each flock. It is that these kenku’s are experienced and have.

Although the kenku doesn’t have some trait to make things that is new but they’re good students and it will become easy for them to grasp each second particulars. There are and this is why the kenku comes out. The kenku doesn’t have understanding about preparation or to put things up but an kenku can indulge in preparation that is greater and it’s the key.
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There is A kenku quite sensitive to noises and may alert others from the group secure and to remain secure. Any noise can be easily created by them and this is exactly what assists them in making intruder potential and sending messages. Regardless of what sound it’s, it will be copied by the kenku and that is exactly what makes from another species from distinct.

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